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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> a second fire fire and how did after an explosion on thursday. tony valerio that this morning as a result of his injuries, he and another firefighter vincent perez were battling a blaze in diamond heights when the room they were in a united. tonight we hear from the department about this tragedy and the valerio family talked about the man that they loss today. >> i cannot even think about life without him right anthony valerio became the second san francisco firefighter killed in a line of duty in nearly a decade. at about 730 this morning he was pronounced dead. firefighters stood at
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attention as his body was wheeled out of the hospital. he died about 40 hours after an explosive flash over savimbi injured him. his doctors say he that he suffered from smoke inhalation and burns and other injuries caused by the blast. he passed away after going into cardiac arrest. they show us how the fire department is now coping with the tragic loss of two firefighters. >> we are a little numb and in this belief. i did not imagine this to happen. >> san for cisco fire chief joanne hayes-white delivered the tragic news. she announced that anthony valerio died from his injuries after a house fire in diamond heights on thursday. firefighters watched as his body was taken from san francisco general hospital. this comes just days after losing lieutenant vincent perez from the same fire. it is very somber with the flags at half staff, and the
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flowers spread the lobby. chief hayes white said she is never seemed to death in the same fire and all of her 21 years. >> it is unusual to lose a fire fighters, that is something i never wanted to happen on my watch. that is why we are grieving. it is a huge sacrifice to a public servant, we go through a lot of training in a lot of expertise, but we when you go to work as a fire friday put the life on the line every day. it is our mission to protect life and property and that is exactly what the two of them were due and on thursday. there were the first in on the fire at berkeley way, they were doing their jobs which are dangerous jobs. bring to all into reality just how dangerous the job can be. >> they're planning to add just one memorial service for the both. santa fe directors same incident, she says it is important to honor the that the same ceremony, kron4 news.
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>> valerio family members say they did not only use a dedicated firefighter but an amazing brother. we now continue our team coverage with more on who he was. >> an emotional scene outside of san francisco general hospital, a grieving family members escorted anthony valerio body to a corner's match. this is to try to hold on as the authorities will him away. his brother said aloha because of valerio used to live in hawaii and enjoy surfing. they say that they're still in shock that he is gone. >> he was a great brother, he is going to be missed. i have had a lot of trouble in the last couple of days sleeping. i cannot even think about life without him right now. >> his younger brother said that valerio was an outgoing man had died doing what he loved, helping others. >> he liked helping people, he was very friendly and very selfless. he loved
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everybody, he loved life. >> his family shared a lighter side of him saying that he loved to eat pizza, his favorite spot was tony's pizza and north beach, aside from some good food, this is the he was always down for some good jokes. >> he was always smiling and joking we always try to outdo each other at the dinner table see who could make something come out of someone else's nos. >> but most of all this say they remember him as a good man, a great brother and a selfless firefighter. >> the two firefighters that passed away were responding to something that is called a flash over at a fire. here is exactly what it is. >> when it fired its going there are three different stages, growth, fully developed and decay. it is the middle part that the flash over curse, and it is cause light radiation feedback. the heat coming from the fire starts to bounce back towards the
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source. it happened in the superheated gases in an enclosed space ignite. this to the arc of a non flashover fire, and this is the arc of a flash over fire, notice the quick rise in temperature and the fully developed stage. you can see an example and the youtube video. before it, the only thing that is burning is the wood, we will stop right here, this is right before the flashover occurs, and charities. watch again, you notice that the air inside the building spontaneously combust. >> you can hear it, you can see it, you can fill it. it comes energy with that. >> and he, he can reach well over 1000 degrees. as we know, the flashover that happen in this grosz is what killed one firefighter and left the other fighting for is life in the hospital. jeff bush with kron4 news. >> stay with kron4 for continuing coverage of the
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fire department tragedy, you could head to the web site at leave your comments and well wishes that >> very unusual wasn't as we can lot of rain today, a record rainfall in some spots, a lot of locations picking up over an inch of rain like oakland, other locations between a half inch and an inch. we have some more showers on the way for tomorrow as well. things are winding down the main rain band is to the east, but another system is spinning off shore, it will push of the bay area for tomorrow bringing in a chance for showers. primarily into tomorrow afternoon, i will let you know more about it later on. >> definite storm damage in the north bay, and santa rosa de tree collapses on an suv. no one was hurt, they had to cut the tree to get off of the suv. strong winds actually knocked over the porta-potti that you see right here. it was being transported near highway 1
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01 and the win pushed off the back of a pickup. no one was injured when it fell, but they have to push it right across the freeway. then the high winds snapped it up this car line. it was still active making for a dangerous situation. the police work to keep people away, and kron4 jeff pierce texas round north bayshore and thus more storm damage. >> saturday's agreement was records having it as a the way for setting a new record for the month of june. motorists waited through streets fill with water as a of rain fell to make this the most rainy june 4th since 1947 and has set the pace for the issue to be the most rain that has fallen in san from to school since 1934. >> i think we need the rain, i love it. >> rain fell in more rain to fill up the usual spot for traffic has rain clouds shrouded the nearby hills.
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peaks that are usually reduced to a trickle are gushing with water. >> this is different, this is odd, but is beautiful lithographs even greater. >> with home plate a mud puddle, softball play--games were postponed, picnics were canceled, but the scottish- celebration honoring the shrine. >> this is a little bit of scotland. >> scottish winner in the best-scottish weather indeed. >> coming up, we will show you who made appearances at a conservative convention in washington. plus officials believe a u.s. drone killed and i--and the al qaeda commander. who was taken the tack that. and the president
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>> conservative leaders met in washington at the faith and freedom coalition conference. barbara hall looks at the 2012 hopefuls that spoke of the vet. >> it is been a who's who of the republican party with speeches from jon huntsman, jr, read my--mit romney, and rick santorum and others all hoping to be on the 2012 gop presidential ticket. greg suhr, by telling why he was back in politics. >> i said--rick santorum said why he was back in politics. >> i citizen because i have seven children i'm concerned about the future of this country. he has vowed--
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>> he has vowed to social conservatives insist that the fight for their causes. >> ladies and some and i just don't take the pledge, i took the bullet to. >> crowd cheered as she meanwhile, mit romney said that of the president's tracker been shipped and speak for itself. but it was not as active as presidential hopefuls at the podium, donald trump who quit his short campaign last month received a standing ovation. >> apple is about to make some announcements, like portland about the iphone, coming up we will tell you what experts think that they will unveil. >> another went saturday for the bay area, the can at storm tracker for comment
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>> pakastani intelligence experts believe the u.s. drone killed and al qaeda commander, it cannot and militants, one was believed to keep ilius who was wanted in the 2008 attack on an indian hotel that killed nearly 160 people. he also trained the militant group that is an offshoot of al qaeda. union president is now in saudi arabia after being wounded in a rocket attack on his palace. tribesmen are being blamed for the assault. yemen is on the edge of collapse. jonathan explains why that could affect people on of the world. >> to a country with a history of civil war, tribal politics and don't strong
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national identity, at par to become a regional rebellions, and al qaeda insurgency and a gun collection that has weapons of almost every home and you have given. then led demands for democracy to the region and then into are protesters to challenge the longtime dictator. the result, a country close to collapse. how the president has survived nearly 33 years of wars and uprisings and is not about to quit now. under pressure from protesters at a neighboring state, q e has agreed to resign but then that's-he has agreed to resign but the renigged. >> we cannot expect the content to and unless the president and his government to move out of the way south, to permit the opposition and to society-- the opposition and the civil
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society and to reform. >> , yemen's problem are the world's problem. it stands to profit from the chaos in and. the geography meant that a particularly bad thing for the world oil. yemen border saudia arabia and faces the field update of somalia across the gulf of aden. a potential 2.4 people caring million-- millions of barrels of petroleum. but the drama is that over there, it could get a lot worse. >> after a went day to day, and nice evening in san ephesus, the street have dried up the showers have stopped at least for now, but more rain is coming for tomorrow. and midnight tonight, we have some clouds out there, the clouds will begin to conclude tonight and into tomorrow morning as we go into the police parch and it shouldn't cause and sunshine but then, as the center of the storm system
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that has grown old the rain will make it past goodness the bay area, will increase, notice a couple, and a clear, that shall vicente scattered showers, it will not be the widespread rain that we have to say-but more often on, and some of the rain could be heavy at times in fact, as there could be some heavy thunderstorms the on the lookout for that, now we go into monday morning, there should be some more showers in the morning-and things improving the afternoon and nothing is getting a lot better for the middle of this coming week. it will feel like late spring or maybe early summer conditions. that is that the case kumar, look for clouds and scattered showers, the high in the '60s of schorl seven days, monday, more showers and cloudy conditions, pulled temperatures. watch the temperature began to climb, the have '70s in lynn and the low to mid '80s in the east bay valleys by thursday and friday. a lot of
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sunshine. >> the former 49er and hall of famer john henry johnson passed away today. you play it back to the 1950's and when will that-and what one of the all-time russians, and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1987, lead at 81 years old in tracy korean not of the wild game, both the catcher and released the picture cost for arguing with the home plate umpire. we cannot do that. a and-a-you cannot do that. now the eighth lose nine to 80, oakland has lost nine straight. meanwhile, rain delay to try and game and maybe their backs were water large because wanted that started, both teams were often to the challenge, to--the giant of loss 221.
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apple ceo will be back next week to speak to the speech. it will feature i cloud, used to stream music, but there could be other purposes. cloud computing means that it does not require software on your phone, computer tablet. but that is not the only one who expected, gabe slate talked about the new possibilities which the iphone. >> here is where i think we can count on, i think it will have a better camera, more make of pixels and be able to order ht quality
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video. apple has developed a processor chip for the ipad to. this is better what is --better than what is in the iphone for. --iphone4. he says of the next iphone will be a global phone and work in as many countries as at&t's phone worked and now. that is a big deal because a lot of people were passing up on the verizon model because of its limited capabilities overseas. >> based on the information that is a look around from pretty reliable sources on the internet, it does not look like for g will be coming. apple said that the 40 chips are too big to fit in the current design of the iphone4. >> there is because of that it will work with the sprint and the mobile networks. that would be huge, meaning
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there would be an iphone available for every major carrier. this is that it will be offered in multiple colors like the ipod. >> expect to see black and white if anything may be read. that is popular with male and females. >> we are sure that it may be seen next week. but the newest one may not be see into the fall. >> we expected around september but it may be manufactured as early as august. >> will not believe anything until they took the stage next week and until the next iphone. but i want to hear from you, what would you like to see in the next iphone? send me a tweet, or send me an e-mail at, in san francisco gabe slate with kron4 news. >> a rainy weekend in june in california people are
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freaking out. >> what is the deal we are supposed to have nice weather. it will be a little nicer tomorrow, but look for the rain to come back in the afternoon with a few showers. >> then it gets better at the end of the week, have a great night. we hear verizon's 4g lte is fast. let's find out how much we can download before this rocket takes out this 4g hotspot. are you guys ready ? yeah, ready ! ready ! let's go hot. ready, set, download ! done ! done ! done !
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